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A child next to a picture of Nelson Mandela at a pro-Palestinian rally in Cape Town. August 9, 2014
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Some years ago I was lucky to meet some  charismatic people like Nelson Mandela, Neville Alexander and others in South Africa. Neville belonged to the group of men who were arrested with Nelson Mandela in the same cell tract on Robben Island. I listened to the socialist guard of Cuba and their ambassador.  I did so with marvelling eyes and an open and smiling heart. Today I sometimes think, we should read Marx one more time, then we would know what it is about  the „dominion systems“  and we would get a better understanding why violence breaks out in all corners of the world.  And perhaps by the better understanding, we would find the way out of these dynamisms.

At that time I also got to know the life partner of Steve Biko. She was the manager of the University of Cape Town. Steve Biko was the leader of the “ black liberation movement „. He was killed by the regime. They all were marked by the apartheid government to  ‚terrorists‘. They were fighting for freedom and equal rights. As we know, Nelson Mandela became president of the state of South Africa in 1994.

The country was a young democracy. The big fear was that riots would come up. But the contrary happened.  Mandelas efforts toward a policy which integrated all parts of population and his big gestures of the forgiveness which he so often pointed out, were a benefit to all people of the nation. Unforgettably are to me those people in townships and squattercamps who would have had all reason to hate „Whiteness“, but the said: „We must forgive. For the better sake of our children we have to forgive.“

On Mandelas side stood Archbishop Desmond Tutu. When I experienced him the very first time, I had to laugh because he did not fit at all in my picture of a high religious dignitary. He presented a very small man, full  of energy, mercurially and with a very high voice. I remember, Jonathan Butler, a magnificent Soul singer, and the cardiologist Barnard sat with in the round in a big hall. We laughed all, because Tutu was so complete differently, he jumped around on the stage  absolutely inspired from his message which he passed to the citizens of Cape Town and the world. At that time the Archbishop became an honorary citizen of Cape Town. For a long time he was already an archbishop of Cape Town, but they had refused the honorary citizen to him many years. And he made jokes about it. It`s  been a real enjoyment to watch and to listen to him.


To him and Nelson Mandela owed South Africa the arrangement of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Desmond Tutu has been the  chairperson. It was a matter of giving space to the truth and not the punishment. They wanted to get into the truth, into what had happened. Each of the offenders who were ready to state before this commission went out exempt from punishment. These sessions took place in different cities of South Africa and were broadcast on the South African television.
It was  Desmond Tutu who cried in front of the camera and asked Winnie Mandela: “ Please, please, at least say I am sorry. Please, I beg you. „
Terrible things happened also in her house. Children were trained to spies. If they did not want any more, they were killed. A football association should be involved. She did not excuse, but she said: „These were the times.“ Desmond Tutu has also been the godfather of (her) children.

An organization which campaigns different political- social requests sent an email to me. They actually ask for the signing respective petitions. Today they sent something else. It is a letter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He adresses the people of Israel.  The letter was published exclusively in an Israeli newspaper. The organization thinks,  it should be also read by the rest of the world and therefore they published the article.


I am glad that I can publish the article too.




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My plea to the people of Israel: Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, in an exclusive article for Haaretz, calls for a global boycott of Israel and urges Israelis and Palestinians to look beyond their leaders for a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land.


The past weeks have witnessed unprecedented action by members of civil society across the world against the injustice of Israel’s disproportionately brutal response to the firing of missiles from Palestine.

If you add together all the people who gathered over the past weekend to demand justice in Israel and Palestine – in Cape Town, Washington, D.C., New York, New Delhi, London, Dublin and Sydney, and all the other cities – this was arguably the largest active outcry by citizens around a single cause ever in the history of the world.

A quarter of a century ago, I participated in some well-attended demonstrations against apartheid. I never imagined we’d see demonstrations of that size again, but last Saturday’s turnout in Cape Town was as big if not bigger. Participants included young and old, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, atheists, blacks, whites, reds and greens … as one would expect from a vibrant, tolerant, multicultural nation.

I asked the crowd to chant with me: “We are opposed to the injustice of the illegal occupation of Palestine. We are opposed to the indiscriminate killing in Gaza. We are opposed to the indignity meted out to Palestinians at checkpoints and roadblocks. We are opposed to violence perpetrated by all parties. But we are not opposed to Jews.”

Earlier in the week, I called for the suspension of Israel from the International Union of Architects, which was meeting in South Africa.

I appealed to Israeli sisters and brothers present at the conference to actively disassociate themselves and their profession from the design and construction of infrastructure related to perpetuating injustice, including the separation barrier, the security terminals and checkpoints, and the settlements built on occupied Palestinian land.

“I implore you to take this message home: Please turn the tide against violence and hatred by joining the nonviolent movement for justice for all people of the region,” I said.

Over the past few weeks, more than 1.6 million people across the world have signed onto this movement by joining an Avaaz campaign calling on corporations profiting from the Israeli occupation and/or implicated in the abuse and repression of Palestinians to pull out. The campaign specifically targets Dutch pension fund ABP; Barclays Bank; security systems supplier G4S; French transport company Veolia; computer company Hewlett-Packard; and bulldozer supplier Caterpillar.

Last month, 17 EU governments urged their citizens to avoid doing business in or investing in illegal Israeli settlements.

We have also recently witnessed the withdrawal by Dutch pension fund PGGM of tens of millions of euros from Israeli banks; the divestment from G4S by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; and the U.S. Presbyterian Church divested an estimated $21 million from HP, Motorola Solutions and Caterpillar.

It is a movement that is gathering pace.

Violence begets violence and hatred, that only begets more violence and hatred.

We South Africans know about violence and hatred. We understand the pain of being the polecat of the world; when it seems nobody understands or is even willing to listen to our perspective. It is where we come from.

We also know the benefits that dialogue between our leaders eventually brought us; when organizations labeled “terrorist” were unbanned and their leaders, including Nelson Mandela, were released from imprisonment, banishment and exile.

We know that when our leaders began to speak to each other, the rationale for the violence that had wracked our society dissipated and disappeared. Acts of terrorism perpetrated after the talks began – such as attacks on a church and a pub – were almost universally condemned, and the party held responsible snubbed at the ballot box.

The exhilaration that followed our voting together for the first time was not the preserve of black South Africans alone. The real triumph of our peaceful settlement was that all felt included. And later, when we unveiled a constitution so tolerant, compassionate and inclusive that it would make God proud, we all felt liberated.

Of course, it helped that we had a cadre of extraordinary leaders.

But what ultimately forced these leaders together around the negotiating table was the cocktail of persuasive, nonviolent tools that had been developed to isolate South Africa, economically, academically, culturally and psychologically.

At a certain point – the tipping point – the then-government realized that the cost of attempting to preserve apartheid outweighed the benefits.

The withdrawal of trade with South Africa by multinational corporations with a conscience in the 1980s was ultimately one of the key levers that brought the apartheid state – bloodlessly – to its knees. Those corporations understood that by contributing to South Africa’s economy, they were contributing to the retention of an unjust status quo.

Those who continue to do business with Israel, who contribute to a sense of “normalcy” in Israeli society, are doing the people of Israel and Palestine a disservice. They are contributing to the perpetuation of a profoundly unjust status quo.

Those who contribute to Israel’s temporary isolation are saying that Israelis and Palestinians are equally entitled to dignity and peace.

Ultimately, events in Gaza over the past month or so are going to test who believes in the worth of human beings.

It is becoming more and more clear that politicians and diplomats are failing to come up with answers, and that responsibility for brokering a sustainable solution to the crisis in the Holy Land rests with civil society and the people of Israel and Palestine themselves.

Besides the recent devastation of Gaza, decent human beings everywhere – including many in Israel – are profoundly disturbed by the daily violations of human dignity and freedom of movement Palestinians are subjected to at checkpoints and roadblocks. And Israel’s policies of illegal occupation and the construction of buffer-zone settlements on occupied land compound the difficulty of achieving an agreementsettlement in the future that is acceptable for all.

The State of Israel is behaving as if there is no tomorrow. Its people will not live the peaceful and secure lives they crave – and are entitled to – as long as their leaders perpetuate conditions that sustain the conflict.

I have condemned those in Palestine responsible for firing missiles and rockets at Israel. They are fanning the flames of hatred. I am opposed to all manifestations of violence.

But we must be very clear that the people of Palestine have every right to struggle for their dignity and freedom. It is a struggle that has the support of many around the world.

No human-made problems are intractable when humans put their heads together with the earnest desire to overcome them. No peace is impossible when people are determined to achieve it.

Peace requires the people of Israel and Palestine to recognize the human being in themselves and each other; to understand their interdependence.

Missiles, bombs and crude invective are not part of the solution. There is no military solution.

The solution is more likely to come from that nonviolent toolbox we developed in South Africa in the 1980s, to persuade the government of the necessity of altering its policies.

The reason these tools – boycott, sanctions and divestment – ultimately proved effective was because they had a critical mass of support, both inside and outside the country. The kind of support we have witnessed across the world in recent weeks, in respect of Palestine.

My plea to the people of Israel is to see beyond the moment, to see beyond the anger at feeling perpetually under siege, to see a world in which Israel and Palestine can coexist – a world in which mutual dignity and respect reign.

It requires a mind-set shift. A mind-set shift that recognizes that attempting to perpetuate the current status quo is to damn future generations to violence and insecurity. A mind-set shift that stops regarding legitimate criticism of a state’s policies as an attack on Judaism. A mind-set shift that begins at home and ripples out across communities and nations and regions – to the Diaspora scattered across the world we share. The only world we share.

People united in pursuit of a righteous cause are unstoppable. God does not interfere in the affairs of people, hoping we will grow and learn through resolving our difficulties and differences ourselves. But God is not asleep. The Jewish scriptures tell us that God is biased on the side of the weak, the dispossessed, the widow, the orphan, the alien who set slaves free on an exodus to a Promised Land. It was the prophet Amos who said we should let righteousness flow like a river.

Goodness prevails in the end. The pursuit of freedom for the people of Palestine from humiliation and persecution by the policies of Israel is a righteous cause. It is a cause that the people of Israel should support.

Nelson Mandela famously said that South Africans would not feel free until Palestinians were free.

He might have added that the liberation of Palestine will liberate Israel, too.






What are you planing in your city?


Demands of the Palestinians:

Opening of the Gaza Strip
Journey permission for the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip
Reconstruction of the destroyed airport
Construction of own harbour
Lead of a normal life in coexistence with Israel
International guarantee of the armistice
Free access to the Al Aksa mosque in East Jerusalem

The Israeli journalist Gideon Levy in addition: “ Who could not agree to these demands? „

V.i. S.d. P.: Michael Kellner


On Saturday , 23.08.2014, a rally takes place in Cologne from 15 o’clock to 17 o’clock. It s about solidarity and  telling our government:
No more weapon exports to Israel! No training of German soldiers in Israel! Influencing control on the Israeli government, so that the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the cast of West Jordan is finished.

“ War solves no problems – it increases them „

Road description:
Wallrafplatz – in the right school – Richartzstrasse – Minoritenstrasse – Breitestrasse – Richmodisstrasse – at the old post court – Krebsgasse – new Langgasse – Neven-du-Mont-Strasse – castle wall – Komödienstrasse – under fat hens – Wallrafplatz

Transparencies, Palestinian flags and rainbow-peace flags, pamphlets, a megaphone of the organizers are allowed

The organizers are: Cafè Palestine Colonia, the women’s way Middle East, Cologne women in black, Cologne peace forum inc, Middle East peace circle, Palestinian municipality, association to the city -partner of  Cologne-Bethlehem, AG international law and human rights in Palestina and Israel.

Live-Realities of Palestinians, part 2


Give back; Israel. Share. Water is  a human right.


Israels policy of Apartheid

Water is a human right

gaza waterAccording to international reports, Israel uses 80 percent of the water occurence in the Westjordanland and leaves to the Palestinians only 20 percent.
On average 450,000 ‚unlawful Settler‘ of Israel use more water than 2.3 million Palestinians who have always lived there. The situation in Gaza is even more catastrophic.

This is no kind of propaganda, but facts with which the Palestinians feel confronted since decades. The world public did not take note of them mostly.

One third of Gaza is occupied by 5000 Israeli settlers. 5000 Israeli settlers claim more than 50% of the quantity of water and above all the best water quality. The Israeli occupying power has prevented any modernisation of the Palestinian areas with all means and with it has made the Palestinians completely from her dependent.

The well construction in Palestinian areas lies actually at zero.
The Israeli civil authority has prohibited the construction and the restoration of wells. They have even destroyed wells

Once there were 170 wells in the Westjordanland, only 50 were preserved. (State in 2004)


Ramallah is the momentary and temporary capital of the Westjordanlandes. She is so small that one can come away them on foot.


Already in the middle of the 90s, long before Camp David, Israeli Hydrologen have drawn‚ maps of water interests‘  in which the areas now fall  behind the wall  which were counted to the strategical interest zones of Israel. In these areas future Palestinian development should be prevented. Hence, it is not astonishing that the current course of the wall resembles these maps strongly. „(…) preoccupation is to be prevent here, any future and potential enlargement of the Palestinian capacities and by created facts from the start to hinder.  Although this aspect takes no big space in the reporting, it is for the life reality of millions Palestinians of the biggest meaning”, expert say.

Where now Israel is,  they were expelled. About 200,000 did find shelter in the west bank. The Palestinian refugees were accommodated in big refugee camps above all near Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Whether „occupied“ from the Israelis or “not takes”, juridical „pettifoggers“ argue about it.
Israel says, the country belonged after 1948 to Jordan. Palestinians would never have had sovereignty, so it can also not be their country. And this is why they would also not have „taken“ the area.

Israelis say, it has been the country of the Jews. They call it Judäa and Samaria.

Before 1948 500,000 Palestinians lived in West Bank. They say, we always lived there. At that time 400,000 people fled or were expelled from the region.



The historical photo from 1993. The self-government in West Bank was sealed. Jitzak Rabin, Bill Clinton and Jassir Arafat before the White House

It was taken by Jordanien as a result of the first Israeli-Arabian war in 1948.
In 1967 Israel took over the country.  But they  also had to give back some areas. Jordanien transferred the rights  to PLO later on. Israel kept the military control of the area and about  the water since that time. Only in 1994 autonomy areas were given to the Palestinians. There is no drop of water which is not controlled by Israel. The Palestinians must buy water for Israel on high prices




Israel expands and the Internationals are doing nothing

In East Jerusalem, in the west bank the settle programm of Israel goes on. Also during nine months of peace talks Israel  built houses. (during the negotiations America with both parties). 50 flats were built  in the west bank on a daily basis. summer

Israel promoted 14,000 residential units in the west bank. Other plans contain 4.793 residential units in isolated settlements and 1.768 in settlements near the green line to West Bank. 1235 residential properties were new offered.

The house building programm seems to be  four time higher than it has been in 1990.


sperranlageLocking arrangements of the Israelis in palestinian Areas

All Palestinians came under general suspicion.
One should ask: Who is protecting  the Palestinians against the racist and nationalistic ideologistic members of parties of Israel?

The locking arrangement of the Israelis around West Bank counts 759 kilometres. The fence runs about quite a lot of property of the Palestinians and  it cuts them off from other houses .  Just imagine, you would have to  live  surrounded by fences on three sides of your house. You woudl be  surrounded by walls.  it woud be  prohibited to be visited by your relatives.
Instead, soldiers pass your house on a daily basis. You would do not live anylonger inyour “ country“, but in the borderland. Your would be cut off by the everyday services of your municipality. The garbage disposal, the traffic control, road construction, repair.

Thus  happened in Palestine. Suddenly families lived on Israeli side. The  Israelis even pulled an additional fence around those houses. Now the families go through gates. Now the families live locked up between wall and barbed wire:  Neighbours and relatives may not come for visit. Instead, soldiers drive past several times daily. Sometimes the fathers earn money.

Locking arrangements as a fence. Locking arrangements as a wall. There are Palestinian houses which are surrounded  by the locking wall on on three sides. They  separate villages, families. Some are even seperated  from their fields. Municipalities are separated from services like garbage disposal or repair, traffic control because they are not accessible of the Palestinian autonomy authority any more.

The „security zone“ Wall takes 12,300 hectares of the Palestinian side. These are about two percent of the Westjordanland. At least 16 Palestinian villages and 12,000 inhabitants „swallowed“ them already ten years ago.
It means: Humiliation and the continuation of other land robbery. Experts expect an expansions of wall sections and therefore it will become an issue for another  395,000 inhabitants, which would be  17.8 percent of the Palestinian population.

Underneat the West Bank there is an immense ground of water. These „Aquiferen“ (water leading layers in the subsoil) are filled in by precipitation from the mountains over and over again.

There are reasons for  Israels  water-control they stick tovehemently. They say to keep the control over water in that area wil not change if Palestine ever wants to become state.
Israelis pull „security fences“  and at the same time they expect Palestinians to agree on peace-agreements.

Systematically it was worked towards the fact that the capacities of the Palestinians do not increase.

It s against international law, says the international court of law of the UN plenary assembly.
The UN plenary assembly said: it is an offence against the international law and human right. The Americans vote  against it. Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria and Cameroon obstained. The Israeli ambassador  thanked them .
However, one week later Germany agreed on  the resolution of the UN plenary assembly.
It remains an offence against the international law and human rights.

It had no impact on the situation of the Palestinians.
Israel just went on. Fences, walls and settlements are still  in process.



Shortly before the face-to-face negotiations Israel planned another  construction of 1200 flats. Facts were created.
Land decides on whether people can claim on being people of a nation.


bauen jerus

An Israeli settlement in East-Jerusalem

“No country on  earth can tell  other states where  they can build and where they cannot build.”
(Construction minister of Israel of the legal-directed party of Habayit Hayehudi The Jewish house)


Ongoing intensification of settlement activities  increased criticism, on the other hand, the  expansion were just taken as a fact Internationals are not really care about.

Now the settlements are already seen as an Israeli state area.
East Jerusalem  was seen as the capital of the future state Palestine since 1947/48.
That it exactly the place where Israel builds houses.

The Oslo agreement of 1993 has beeen an agreement of a two-state solution. Besides, it  has been a  80:20 plan in favour of Israel.
In 2012 Palestine got an stat us as “ observers“ at the  UN and  UNESCO.
Israel reacted both times promptly.   „Punitive actions“: 2000 residential units and 3000 residential units wer build up. Not somewhere in their country but exactly at the places which could connect East-Jerusalem with the Westbank.


Water in Gaza

gaza karte

The Gaza Strip is 45 kilometres long, a width has in the south of 13 kilometres and in the north of 6 kilometres. Also in Gaza most people are refugees. One says, Gaza is the biggest „refugee camp“ of the world. Even in the small stripe at the Mediterranean Sea there is refugee camp. Half of the population is less than 18 years.

The ground water in Gaza oversalts more and more. The  UN is warning that if  is continuing,  there will be  no drinking water anymore in 15 years times.  Gaza stands high up on the list of the worldwide countries with most serious water problems. The deprivation of the Palestinian water by the Israeli government makes the situation even more dramatic.

90-95% of the ground water of Gaza is a risk for health.

People in Gaza should not drink tap water, that s why many inhabitants of Gaza pay for a private water supply. However,  this water is not much better too.  Investigations of experts say: this water contains ten times more  of risk and pollution than  health experts can agree on .

Wells constructions for the Palestinians are at point zero. Israe  destroyed some.  Old rainwater- zisterns  are falling under the valid military law (Hydro-apartheid law) .  The Palestinians have no control over one drop of water. The repair of old wells , some are  even out of  Jordanian time,  needs the permission of Israel.

After 45 years of occupation there are stillabout 20% of the municipalities of Palestinians that are not connected to water nets. Israelis settlers in „occupied areas“ are getting it within a few weeks.




Many people think, Gaza is a place of the power and the hostel of militant Palestinians. They think, this is everything what  Gaza is about. But Gaza is a also a place of full energy and dynamic. Gaza was always a place of warmth, humor and unbelievable guest friendliness too.

“Martina, we are one of the most peaceful people. We were always”, said my friend at that time.

Now it is a place of fear and pain. It is a place of  locking zones. It is a prison, where human being live  in who are urged  into a „shutdown“ by Israel.  It is a place in which the situation of water has been catastrophic  just long before the massacre. It is an area which Israel holds systematically on a small hand.  “The Palestinians have become the Jews of the Jews”, said a journalist in the 80s.
After such massacre, where people were locked up from all sides in an area of 360 Quadratkilometres with no chance to flee out, one tends to agree on that sentence.


Water, locking arrangements, walls, humiliation, discrimination -just not enough.

90 percent of the fishermen were forced into  poverty


Since January, 2009 Israeli navy forces block 85 percent of the fishing grounds of Gaza. Palestinian fishing boats  access is limited up to 1 mile. The sardine catch was the main taking of the fishermen. This thereby decreased about 90 percent. Since beginning of the blockade in June, 2007 the fishermen caught 7000 tonnes less. It makes a loss of 26.5 million dollars. In 2011 it was reported that israeli navy has shot at the fishermen  72 times.  One fisherman is missed. Others were injured. They push the boats towards land, they arrest them and interrogate the fishermen.

Palestinians are als0 not allowed to export carnation flowers. (furhter below)


gaza ambulanzThe medical care in Gaza and in West Bank

People die of illnesses because they may not leave Gaza.

There is a lack of medicine.

In June 2014,  only 56 patients  from 1.805  got  permission to cross the border.  307 did not even get a response to their requests by Israels civil management and  therefore they could not perceive, their appointments of treatment.

In 2011 all applications  from patients of Westbank and Gaza to cross border because of medical treatment were either refused or came back belated.  Six patients in the Gaza Strip died, while they waited for their permission. (Study of the UN world health authorities)

Over and over again Palestinian rescue services report that they were hindered and even attacked by the Israeli army (before the war)

The World Health Organizations defines essential basic medicine. The number of  non available medicine is 202 out of  408 in Gaza. (before the war)
“The medical facilities and the first help vehicles are not sure. It s been the same  in 2008/09.  Israelis  attacked  hospitals.  Injured civilians must wait for their evacutation. . […] not much injured persons must even wait long for treatment. A man who has been injured  just on his hand, he bled to death , because it has not been possible to organise the first help unter the constant fire.  We had such cases also 5 years ago.” (Medico, on site Miri Weingarten)


gaza razzia

A house of a palestinian. Thats  how it looks after a Razzia .Sources:A.B. thank you

The stream situation in Gaza


Three hours of stream per day, thats what it is about in Gaza before war began. Now the only power station is destroyed in the Gaza Strip and it will take one year to rebuilt.

panzer westjordanMost Palestinians cannot practice their profession

50% of the youngsters are jobless.  Nearly half of the people are jobless.  30% of the companies had to close and other 15% have dismissed 80% of her employees.

In West Bank the rate of unemployment lies at more than 20 percent. The Palestinian economy is not a flourishing one in spite of big investements.  Obstacles are  checkpoints of the Israeli army all around Ramallah. The hard restricted access to the Jerusalem.

Jobs are paid by auxiliary money

There are not enough jobs. And the jobs that are in existence, are bound to fixed-term contracts. Above all they are financed by the civil service with international money. Some of them are paid by relief organisations.  „This kills the society“, say young Palestinians. Only the best are employed by  relief organisations.“

Some jobs are just a matter of good relations.

gaza westj

Everywhere in West Bank  one can find  signs of warning. Landmines.

Millions of people hang in a waiting loop

Most Palestinians speak about the „shutdown“. Their life stopped. My friend was writing to me: “Martina be glad, you may move. I am condemned to the shutdown.”
80 Percent of the population depends on help from Outside. The Education system suffers:  On account of the import restrictions of building materials There is a lack of 230 schools in Gaza. Thats why 85% of the schools are working in two half day shifts. This leads to a serious reduction of the school hours and to the cancelation of school activities. A substantial decrease of the educational quality is the result.

Flowers were almost the only goods to export permitted by Israel. In the season 2012 nine million carnations were exported, about two millions less than 2011 and 41 millions less than before 2007. Since beginning of the ban of the Gaza Strip the exports are much limited.  Exports goes almost only to the agricultural products which are exported on account of an agreement with the Dutch government to Netherland.

The almost entire ban on exports for the traditional products of the export economy of Gaza, textiles, pieces of furniture and industrially processed food has drawn the economy into the ruin. Because Israel defines 35% of the already scanty agricultural lands of Gaza on account of the nearness to Israel as a buffer zone, their access to the land is  limited strongly and therefore the local production.  By these restrictions the agricultural yield decreased about 75,000 tonnes what shows an annual loss at the rate of 50.2 million dollars for the farmers of Gaza.  Farmers live dangerously. The „non-walk-zone“ of the buffer zone is put through with sharp ammunition of the Israeli army. Since beginning of 2012 there were at least 41 cases in which Israeli security forces  have opened the fire on civilian  in the buffer zone. Besides, they killed a civilian and 57 were injured.


There is gas near the coast of Gaza

Turkey will ignore the ban on Gaza, Prime Minister Erdogan announced. As a result Israels foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said they will reinforce cooperation with Armenia and the rebels of the Kurdish PKK.

Apartheid in Israel and the international communities give  financial support, directly or indirectly.



The road to Jericho

A friend of mine in  Gaza wrote a year ago:

“We have proverb says: If you do not eat from you hand, your decision is not from your mind.”
The Palestinian cause is international one, most States has role in this cause. It s good and bad. It  is good that we have some  light focus on our cause, otherwise Israel could uprooted our people. The bad one is that those States backed some Palestinian parties against each other and to carry out their agenda. I am sorry to say that Palestinian Group in need for out side funding and the price is devastating on our issue.”


We worry about the militant Hamas or Fatah. We should ask who is financing such groups?
Who let them become strong?  Who defines them into terrorists as soon as they become uncomfortable for its  own political aims? What makes people militant?

And while I write this article, other civilians are murdered, presumably in Pakistan, in Yemen or in Somalia. The State America is having a new toy. Killing by Joysticks: Fight drones. They should make the world more safe and protect the world for militants.
You have nothing heard?  Transparency like zero. The American Secret Service is involved in it. Organisations of human rights despair because of it. „The eye“ is absent.  It is a „silent fight“ Fight drones should shoot terrorists , however, they mostly hit  civilians at wedding celebrations, at burials, in training camp or in a vegetable bed. Somehow everybody is put under general suspicion. From 2003 to 2014 200 children died because of thos air fight drones. In Pakistan a small boy does not pray any more for a blue, but a grey sky. They do not fly when the sky is grey.. His grandmother, 67-year-old, was shot down in a vegetable bed by a fight drone. Just imagine  you do sport  in a park and suddenly a drone shoots you down.


I would not be much surprised, if exactly these  militant groups increas instead of becoming less. After the worldwatched once more again  how one of the strongest military power of the world kills people who had no chance to escape.  Or have you seen blue berets of the  UN? This is the organisation which is allowed to  intervene when a country offends massively against human rights.  Therefore the organisation was  established.

All US senators approves unanimously – democrats and Republicans in lovely unity – of the person-despising war crime of Israel. The  German foreign minister said:   “We welcome the cease-fire” and we got to hear:  “The ghetto is an untenable situation”.

The EU demands: One has take away weapons from Hamas.  At thattime probably absolutely naiv to think they would agree on . So virtually it has been  a non-politics of the EU which is not really non-politics.

Till the last days Israel and other policians  pointed to the self-defence right of the Israelis. Since decades the Israelis can march into houses of the Palestinians – it is just a matter of  self-defence.

What about us ? Nevertheless,  „these militants“ brings fear to the whole world, we say and think. We all have a big need of  safety as the Israelis do have. Presumably, it suits us.  Slam them, bang  onto the “militants”. We are not asking why they became militant? We  just look to the  Militants  of Israel and not to the other side. Israel is also having some radicals, ideologists within their parties.



Beirut. Lebanon.  Hundredthousands of Palestinians fled  to  in 1948 and  in1967. Israel marched into in 1982. dpa.



Jassir Arafat  before the UN general meeting in New York in 1974 . He demands the Disappearance of the state Israel and harvested applause.  “With an oil branch and the gun of the freedom-fighter” he has come, he said. DPA



Rest of the world became the paymaster of Israel

Since more than 45 years  development services and later EU tried to „balance“ what Israel is not willing to share.

What has been destroyed  by Israel during the wars and because of their policy of Apartheid lacked in palestinian areas,  the Europeans and other Internationals  have been build up over and over again. Most job of Palestianians are internationally backed financially. One may assume that  the EU household is again eady to this time again to provide reconstruction assistant.   Again a few relief organisations may be put a smile on their face. Now there is money again. Who want to be called an Antisemit  so who dares to criticize Israel?
Why differently if one can derive, nevertheless, still his own benefit at the end from it.
It won`t surprise you much, to hear, that some of the European countries deliver at the same time weapons to Israel. Business is business.

Germany gives Israel two of five submarines. The sixth one is on its way.  Israelis use them for their  nuclear programme,  This all part of an “agreement is for the security” – and therefore confidential.  Another 330 million Euro goes to them, so that the Israelis can prepare her submarines with nuclear weapons, rockets and rockets protection systems, fight gliders from Italy. 2, 7 Millarden ground  waits  for the Israelis in the USA, so that Israel can buy weapons at whatever time. On top,  Israel is allowed to use   American arms cache in Israel … and another  half Billion US dollar were given. (Quelle:The mirror and Blog

So one wants to ask: What are you planing, dear Israel?

The region has always been a „marching up area“ of  troops of great powers back to year 2000 BC.

What Hamas uses as weapons are Lilli wrecks in compare to the equpment of the  Israelis they came up with.


Drinking water out of sea water


In 2004 a sea salt project was planned by Israelis. The water situation ist a desaster.  The installation of a sea water desalination should bring drinking water into the area. The water of Gaza is just catastrophic.
Israel presented a plan which intends a huge sea water desalination which should provide Gaza.  The Israelis made clear,  the water source in Westjordanland belongs to them, is and will be used onyl by Israelis. Therefore Westbank would also beceome part of the programm .

They said: The project must be paid by the USA and the international community. The costs for the Palestinians will be huge. Lines. It will cost an extra of carriage and  a huge amount of stream.  Uri Shamir said to the science journal New Scientist:

„The arrangement will finance the world for the Palestinians. Israel will not be ready to bear these costs and the Palestinians are not able of it.“

If it is not paid by Internationals, it won`t become a project.

As far as I got to know, it is  financially backed up with money of America and with money of other development organisation , so with money of tax payer money.

The American development aid agency USAID  supports  the planning in Westbank. Alvin Newman, the responsible for water resources in Tel Aviv, commented: „In the end, this is the only solution“.

One may call it  water robbery and systematic discrimination. There are many people who fear the lost of water  and who already experience that. Neigbour countries do fear too. The solution just cannot be that only ONE is using all the water on its own.

What else the Hamas is doing next?
I wanna ask:
What else is Israel doing next?
What are the Internationals next pay for the Israelis?

The citizens of  Gaza  are not having a future since decades. They are  locked up and discriminated by the Israelis. Only 50 kilometres of Gaza is the city of Tel Aviv. Beach life, celebrating parties while  in Gaza  million of people live politically and economically in isolation, harassed by the Israeli civil authorities and military authorities.

Gaza has become a 360 square kilometre prison.



A second Email from Gaza



And if  you were it, which would have to write this letter …?


„I am a still living Palestinian woman. I write this letter to you and it is not clear whether I can write him to an end, because many Israeli airplanes confused my head since yesterday night and fill the sky over Gaza.

Pain overpowers me, because just these airplanes have fired at the houses of my sleeping neighbours, in the Jenena quarter in Rafah at 24 o’clock with rockets. They killed the pregnant 31-year-old Mariam Marzuk Abu seed, her 5-year-old son Abdallah, other five members of the family visited the day nursery.

The today’s death of the 28-year-old, pregnant Wafa Abdel Rasik Taher has made me also affected.

The Israeli airplanes which Israel receives from America killed hundreds of our children in Gaza in her houses or during them on the beach football played.

I am not able any more, the question of my both children, Samer and Saber, age ten years does not cross to answer. They ask me: „Mummy, why the Israeli airplanes kill the mothers and her children? Mummy, why Israel destroys the houses of the neighbours and those of the others?“

My heart bleeds because of the children and the women in Gaza and I can answer neither the questions of my children, nor protect them.

Do you know what it means without living protection and being incapable, protecting my children?

I bring them of a corner of the house to the next and block her ears with cotton, so that they do not hear the explosions of the inhabited houses. I try not to shout if the houses are destroyed by the bomb hail of the cannons, the warships and the airplanes. How should I understand that Israel attacks us in our houses?

Only in my district 15 houses were destroyed and killed more than 30 children and women. We have closed no more eye and the fear seizes me around my handicapped old father who asks me constantly: „What would come if they destroyed my house? Am I torn in pieces and am confronted with the fact that I am killed?“ You had expelled us in 1948 from our village in Palestine and we fled to the refugee camps in Gaza. Why do they pursue us also here?“

I write to you, while the explosions shake the area. At least all 10 minutes there falls a rocket. I visited women who had to remove her houses in the border area. They marched more than three kilometres during the unceasing bombardment. It concerns civilian with her children. They left her belongings and everything what they own in her houses and fled before this hell of the war which robs of our lives, of our dreams and our recollections us.

The refugees live outside or in the collective places.


My house does not belong to me yet. I pay off it for six years, however,  I am not ready yet with it. Do you know how many houses and quarters are destroyed in Gaza and how many families were buried under the remains?

A house is no number. My house is my soul, my life and it encloses all my recollections, dreams and my identity. The house is to be compared for the people to nothing. Israel has completely destroyed since beginning of the aggressions more than 653 houses and has made about 4000 houses uninhabitable.

I start to doubt my faith in the human rights, the rights of the children and to the international conventions.

The fridges of the hospitals cannot take up the corpses any more and one lays them now on the grounds of the next rooms. All these people had stories, families and friends whom they love. The death comes believe faster than us and, hence, the people hasten to bury her dead people, before the next attack comes. There are not any more the usual Kondolierungsempfänge because the people fear have to leave her houses. Also during the second day of the Fiter party, we do not visit ourselves mutually. Instead, the mothers visit the graves of her children. I cannot stand any more to see how my people are killed, while the world is quiet.

I turn to a mother close to me in Gaza: I know exactly that you are a good mother and that you wish security and peace for your both daughters and that you would like to form a nicer and better future with them. Which mother would not want this for her children?

I dream in this letter of a not occupied native country, a native country without war and aggression. When can we realise, finally, the dreams of our children with love and rest?

During this aggression we bury our children before they start to dream.

Always I had written about the love, the prosperity and our needs as activists within the scope of our fights for women’s rights, so that we mobilise our forces. I loved yoga and started to learn to exercise it and I taught the women to breath better, so that they are relaxing. Today I do not have any more the strength to afford this luxury because I lack the security.

Now for 24 days I write about the death, killing, the distorted corpses, the fear and the infernal nights which my people live through. After so many destructions I can scoop no more hope. They have disfigured Gaza and have made lifeless, as if we were no people with dreams and stories.

We are people under occupying and we have to live the right in our country at liberty.

Israel does not have the right to destroy whole people. The world with her international institutions in which we have put our trust watches how we are killed. This also applies to that international organisation which exerts itself for the women’s rights. I do not know whether we are meant with it. Does her protection be also valid for us, or are we not people for them these conventions and rights exist?

Your interference in favour of the women and children in Gaza at a time in which our life is threatened every minute necessarily! We are people and we have women, just during such attacks, the right to be protected. We believe that Israel must be condemned because it takes our country and we love the life. We also have the right to choose our representatives, just as all the other people!

We do not want to be people which is killed and is shown by the world public merely as news and picture.

We want that you stop killing!

We want that you exert yourselves for the rights of the women and children because her life should be filled with joy and laughter. The world must have respect for the poured blood of the Palestinian people. The world must take measures, against the terror of Israel which is designed to destroy the existence of the Palestinian people.

Israel must be pulled to the account for all her present and also for the persistent murders. “

A palestinian Woman in Gaza,  Hidayat Schamuun.

Comment from Martina Kunze:

Shame on you, Israel!

Specific attacks on clear civil aims as a war crime defines.

The attack on the only power station of Gaza is such a case. Already before there were in Gaza only three hours of stream on the day. Now there is widen to parts of Gaza no more stream. Nearly one year will last to the power station is restored. Then the specific destruction of the water supply and sewage care still comes. These are clear civil aims. And then still the complete destruction of whole parts of town.

The Israeli army ordinarily knows what it does and whom it meets.

Not even the medical facilities and the first help vehicles are not sure. The Israelis refuse the coordination with the Red Cross or the red half moon and their outpatient clinics. Over and over again there are bombardments and already several doctors have died by applications. There is a case of a man announced which had an injury in the hand and bled to death in it because it was not possible on account of the constant fire to organise the first help. Cases which happened also five years ago. With the attacks this year a lot of great families are concerned. Time 8 members of the family died, sometimes 25, under it three pregnant women and 19 children. And this time there are also more attacks on emergency shelters of the United Nations.

From Israeli view this war makes sense. For Israel were to be prevented the kidnapped and murdered schoolboys from the settlements a good pretext, the planned common government from Fatah and Hamas

The reproaches, Hamas has carried out the kidnapping, could be never proved. Meanwhile this also adds the Israeli government.



All borders are thick in Gaza.
In contrast to many other theatres of war the people cannot leave the place of the war action. Somewhere else one has big refugee camps beyond the war zone.

The Israelis control the borders to water and to country. And also the border to Egypt is closed. This is a military attack on a population without escape possibility and this is quite an extremely crude situation for the inhabitants and female inhabitants in Gaza. There is no sure place in Gaza.

„While the world ist quiet…..“ this lady from Gaza writes.

And she is having all the right to blame.

Shame on you, UN!


UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon has called the attack  „a crime and a scandal in moral regard. The bombardment is a renewed offence against the humanitarian right. The insanity must stop“, said Ban.

Mister Ban Ki Moon, if you do know all about the insanity, then where are the protective troops of UN?
Dear Mister Ban Ki Moon,  you experienced war in your own country Korea as a child. You`ve said in an interview: „If the human rights are injured, we must help.“ 

Where ist your help for those Palestinians?
Who ist stopping the insanity of Israels  military NOW?

Where have you been all those years of the past and reminding Israel on their human rights violations by locking people up in an ghetto?

The Charter of the UN describes the goals of the UN. One of it is saying:
Esteem of the human rights and fundamental freedoms in spite of the race, the gender, the language or the religion.

You can decide to send soldiers if people get victims of massive human rights violations.

Shame on you, EU!

The EU and the USA have permitted Israel to go forward militarily against the Hamas.

The EU does, actually, generally nothing. The foreign-policy Council of Ministers demanded recently an armistice and the complete disarmament of the Palestinian groups in Gaza. This is an absolutely unrealistic, mad proposal at that time.

The EU pursues if only at all possibly a non-politics. For internal reasons, it a consensus from 28 member states has to go. But neutrally is not the EU. Since the EU finances everything. She finances the civil life in Gaza. As the last time many have been destroyed by the EU financed structures in the Gaza Strip. And the EU will pay for her construction again. Not Israel. Single member states export weapons and technologies to Israel. The EU finances the continuation of the Status Quo from reconstruction and destruction. Their silence makes them the accomplice.

But also Germany and France, the strong powers in the EU, have stressed from beginning of the present conflict before all things the right of Israel on self-defence. Even if the position has changed now something, with this position the EU and the USA have permitted Israel to go forward militarily against the Hamas.

Let us work together for peace



Tel Aviv.  A Women makes her yoga  exercises, young men play ball at the sea, young couples lie in the sand and cuddle.  An older married couples walk on the promenade. And when the red sun sinks into the sea, the sunshades are snapped shut in the Cafè. From the market people observe how rockets do fly over their heads. The reports about Gaza are broadcast without tone in the Cafès. Fair-weather democrats and  socialists clash on the ‚Yuppimeile‘ of  Tel Aviv. One stirs about a column against Israel published in the left wing Haaretz  newspaper. „Children die, oh how nicely.“  Humanism and socialism go down Jordan, patriotism is announced.

In the hall of the Israeli kibbutz movement the new chairperson of the Israeli working party speaks before 200 youngsters on the role of the opposition in times of war. It is talked a lot, but not about Gaza and the role of the opposition in times of war. The rocket alarm they do overhear masterfully. Others still celebrate party on Friday evening. They talk about the recommendation of a bar in Amsterdam for a bachelor’s party. The big wish of the other, once visiting the October-firm.


tel a

Tel Aviv: The beach cafe`s are well visited. Source: The World. photo:H.Broder


tel a2

Tel Aviv. Sundown. Everybody seems to be  in a relaxed mood. source: the world .photo:. H. Broder.


tel a3

And also at the market in Tel Aviv the people cannot be brought out of rest – they observe how rockets are shot over her heads. source: the world. photo: H. Broder


While  Gaza  is exclaimed to the humanitarian disaster area.

Gaza. Hundreds of air raids at less than one minute. It rains bombs on Gaza. A renewed attack on a UN school. 1400 dead people, up to now under it more than 200 children the war has cost on the side of Palestine, 63 Israeli soldiers and three civilians were killed up to now on Israeli side.5

The military of Israel has immobilised in his heaviest attacks since beginning of the offensive against the Hamas the only power station in the Gaza Strip. A water shortage because many water pumps are cut off by the stream.

Where to flee in such little area? 360 Quadratkilometres.

How explain to children siren howling, bomb hail and the death of  innocent people?  There is no feeling of security anymore. Years later war victims still wince if they remember this. What do parents do then? They try to play a healthy world to her children. If it bangs, the mother smiles:  „Huch, this a big bang“, reports Arwa Najef from Gaza during an interview in the newsmagazin of  The World It is her native country. She works for the UN development aid UNDP in a department which regulates the import of goods to Gaza with Israeli controlls. She gets all her children in one room when sirene are holing. „So that nobody stays behind.“ Everybody survives or nobody. The older children (5 years) understand the connection between the loud bang of bombs and the death and the destruction on the streets. Since the last war her son knows that noise can have awful consequences. Nightmares. The children see themselves as a corpse and fancy, they are only naked bones. The television runs to preserve the children of the pictures. Her husband is a doctor and works in the biggest clinic in Gaza. The corpses lie on the streets, chopped in pieces, degraded.

Their son asked, when they would go again to the sea. The mother answered: „If the war is over.“ The son replied: „But I see no end.“ Karim is his name. He is  2,5 years old.



Children fled from Gaza into a school in Jallaba. After praying they buy sweets.


The international law demands protection of civilians

43 percent of the inhabitants of Gaza are younger than 14 years. Almost every child should show sign of traumas. About 118,000 children need emergency relief, the Kinderhilfswwerk UNICEF estimates.

Three UN schools  full with refugees were bombed. Sixteen people were killed in one of that schools. The Israel Military was informed about the  location of the schools.  220.000 people took shelter in UN-schools.

16,000 new reservists are called up for Israel. A total of 86.000 Reservists on Israels side.

„The rights of the Palestinians, even of her children, are completely kept and it is gruesome“, said Gunness of the UN and burst into tears during an interview with the news transmitter Al Jazeera.
UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon:  „It is a moral infamy and a criminal act. This craziness must stop“

EU President Van Rompuy: „Stop this! Israel has a right on self-defence, however, this  must be measured.“
Foreign-Minister Steinmeier, Germany: „The Status Quo of the bolted coastal stripe is not acceptable. There must be an opening of the border crossing under international supervision.“

Obama said: Stop this.


The air raids go on.



Dear Israel,

you lost your path. You are wrong.
To be wrong does not mean to be the bad guy. You are just doing wrong. God did not say: I will not allow you to make mistakes. He said:  I trust on you, that you will come back to your home and I am giving you a gift that will help you on your way. You can always rethink. Get into your heart and rethink. Think thoughts which free you and do not think thoughts which incarcerate you.  Let go all those thoughts which cause pain and decide to let peace come into your heart, and therefore into Israel-Palestine.
Just by turning around the truth, it does not mean, that the truth is not anylonger true. You cannot lock up people  into a „ghetto“ like Gaza or into those refugee camps. And ups, yes, suddenly a little rocket of the Hamas  is reminding you on that human right violation against them.
What do you expect them to do? Shall they keep silent another twenty years?
Meanwhile each of you continue do use five time more water than one Palestinian is allowed to use.
Meanwhile you are playing tennis and enjoying beach parties  on your coast?
Meanwhile your youth is studying in America and is coming back with three Bachelors?
The truth is a door which is always open. You cannot  lock the door of the truth.
You created Ashes of dead.
Create now the „Wings of Phoenix“. With every unhappy thought, God gives only one answer: We can consider it any time differently.
 It`s about sharing and giving equal rights and acces to  resources to the Citizens of Palestine,  you  use natural. It s about giving them
back their freedom.

Nelson Mandela

For some years I was living  in South Africa. I was lucky to meet Nelson Mandela  and all those men who spent years with him together in prison. I was lucky to listen to the victims of apartheid who became the  real heroes to me. They all experienced the worst of the worse, we just cannot think of.
They said to me:  „We have to forgive for the sake of the future of our children.“
Mandela did know what was needed at those time of years. He as well as Archbishop Tutu were saying again and again:“We have to forgive, not because of the perpetrators but because of our self-respect, we get back by doing so.“
I very much wish to the Palestinians that they will have the strength to forgive you, Israel.
Mandela had the courage to make unpopular decisions for the sake of the peace for all people of one nation.
I wished Mandela would be still alive and would be able to help you out, Mister Netanjahu. Obviously, you  missed out what would have been needed now, actually what would have been needed many years ago.
You might still  think it is under your control, this all? As we see, nothing is under control.
This tragedy is one of the weakest action you ever could have shown up with.
The outcome:  more hatress in this world – not only in Palestine.
The outcome:  a lot of  traumatized people –  at least for the next twenty years.
It will bring you the opposite of what you do long  for:  more insecurity instead of Safety.
Even after Apartheid I heard „Whites“ saying: „Look at those kaffers what kind of they are..“  (Apartheid rhetoric) They showed with their finger onto them, whenever violence was going on in a township or even in town. They didn`t understand that it s been the environment they created for them which caused that violence. No future, no education, no income, millions living in a very small place as third class people, no access at all to the sea side, ecetera, ecetera, ignored by the white government.  There were people who have never seen the ocean in their life. South Africa is surrounded by oceans.
Millions of people were marginalized on all social levels.  Short after Apartheid townships felt like „ticking time bombs“.
It has been Mandela who sent out PEACE.
Since years burnt the fuse inside, but you guys  in Israel still think  is just a matter of controlling, of building walls and houses, of showing up power and telling the world: It is just an answer to.. As we do see in a very bloody way, it is not just a matter of controlling. And it is also not just an answer to….
Life of Palestinians : Restrictions, permits, controlling til into their sleeping rooms, discrimination, under suspicion, chicanery instead of sharing what God has given to you, the ’selected people‘ of God.
Do you think, God would have wanted ýou to  kill and traumatize  innocent children?
Do you think God promised you a land of milk and honey because you should discriminate people in that ‚holy land‘?I cannot see milk and honey but only blood.
What is your plan for the future?  Do you want to kill all islamic people?
Calling out the Third World War?
Do you want to destroy the Hamas, you feeded once? What will follow afterwards?
Experts say, you than will have to expect a much more radical group.
We do create enemies, we make out of other people underclass-people, we say they do not have a soul. We could bring peace to the people by having  a wide consciousness, if we just would see only through our heart
You could  have become  the  land of milk and honey just by sharing and showing respect to Palestinians,  instead of  locking them up and discriminate them.
You could have become a great Prime Minister  by building schools and training centers, by creating jobs, by building enterprises for Palestinians,  instead of using 225 Million Dollar for a rocket-protection system  – sponsored by America.
Three days ago an article was published in the ZEIT ONLINE. A man from Israel was writing: “ They get what they seeded. They could have become the Singapur of the Middle East but they spent the money not on schools but on fighing,,,“
As you do, dear Israel. As you do.
Well, we all get what we do seed –  sooner or later. This life – next life, who knows.?
There are seven universal laws we  actually should learn in the first class of school. Knowing them would help us to get a different understanding of what our thoughts and  acting is about when we create our realities.

Pupils  in Tibet are meditating

Children in Tibet learn to meditate at school. The Dalai Lama once said:
It would need only one generation, then we would live in peace on earth.
What a perspective! If every child would meditate on a regulary basis, we would change this world
As long as we do not find  peace within ourselve, we will not find peace outside. This is another universal law.
Inside-Outside. What we think/feel, we create outside.
 Love is the way.
Love is stronger than steel. I am not talking about the soft version of Ego and fullfilling my needs. I am talking about the biggest force of the universe.
Love which frees one from a consciousness of being a victim.
Love as a big clearing power.
Love which destroys past and what is not needed anylonger, so that new things and thoughts can come up.
Love which sends out words that sinks down into ones heart.

You can choose between the path of Love  or the path of  more hatress, more desperation, more frustration, more fear and more insecurity for yourself and for the Palestinians, who are not the Hamas.

Apparently the  last thing you will get by bombing and killing  people and continuing to lock them up  is what you  long for: Safety.

Love is stronger than fear.

Open Gaza. Give those people their freedom back.


May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on, dear Israel.