Let us work together for peace



Tel Aviv.  A Women makes her yoga  exercises, young men play ball at the sea, young couples lie in the sand and cuddle.  An older married couples walk on the promenade. And when the red sun sinks into the sea, the sunshades are snapped shut in the Cafè. From the market people observe how rockets do fly over their heads. The reports about Gaza are broadcast without tone in the Cafès. Fair-weather democrats and  socialists clash on the ‚Yuppimeile‘ of  Tel Aviv. One stirs about a column against Israel published in the left wing Haaretz  newspaper. „Children die, oh how nicely.“  Humanism and socialism go down Jordan, patriotism is announced.

In the hall of the Israeli kibbutz movement the new chairperson of the Israeli working party speaks before 200 youngsters on the role of the opposition in times of war. It is talked a lot, but not about Gaza and the role of the opposition in times of war. The rocket alarm they do overhear masterfully. Others still celebrate party on Friday evening. They talk about the recommendation of a bar in Amsterdam for a bachelor’s party. The big wish of the other, once visiting the October-firm.


tel a

Tel Aviv: The beach cafe`s are well visited. Source: The World. photo:H.Broder


tel a2

Tel Aviv. Sundown. Everybody seems to be  in a relaxed mood. source: the world .photo:. H. Broder.


tel a3

And also at the market in Tel Aviv the people cannot be brought out of rest – they observe how rockets are shot over her heads. source: the world. photo: H. Broder


While  Gaza  is exclaimed to the humanitarian disaster area.

Gaza. Hundreds of air raids at less than one minute. It rains bombs on Gaza. A renewed attack on a UN school. 1400 dead people, up to now under it more than 200 children the war has cost on the side of Palestine, 63 Israeli soldiers and three civilians were killed up to now on Israeli side.5

The military of Israel has immobilised in his heaviest attacks since beginning of the offensive against the Hamas the only power station in the Gaza Strip. A water shortage because many water pumps are cut off by the stream.

Where to flee in such little area? 360 Quadratkilometres.

How explain to children siren howling, bomb hail and the death of  innocent people?  There is no feeling of security anymore. Years later war victims still wince if they remember this. What do parents do then? They try to play a healthy world to her children. If it bangs, the mother smiles:  „Huch, this a big bang“, reports Arwa Najef from Gaza during an interview in the newsmagazin of  The World It is her native country. She works for the UN development aid UNDP in a department which regulates the import of goods to Gaza with Israeli controlls. She gets all her children in one room when sirene are holing. „So that nobody stays behind.“ Everybody survives or nobody. The older children (5 years) understand the connection between the loud bang of bombs and the death and the destruction on the streets. Since the last war her son knows that noise can have awful consequences. Nightmares. The children see themselves as a corpse and fancy, they are only naked bones. The television runs to preserve the children of the pictures. Her husband is a doctor and works in the biggest clinic in Gaza. The corpses lie on the streets, chopped in pieces, degraded.

Their son asked, when they would go again to the sea. The mother answered: „If the war is over.“ The son replied: „But I see no end.“ Karim is his name. He is  2,5 years old.



Children fled from Gaza into a school in Jallaba. After praying they buy sweets.


The international law demands protection of civilians

43 percent of the inhabitants of Gaza are younger than 14 years. Almost every child should show sign of traumas. About 118,000 children need emergency relief, the Kinderhilfswwerk UNICEF estimates.

Three UN schools  full with refugees were bombed. Sixteen people were killed in one of that schools. The Israel Military was informed about the  location of the schools.  220.000 people took shelter in UN-schools.

16,000 new reservists are called up for Israel. A total of 86.000 Reservists on Israels side.

„The rights of the Palestinians, even of her children, are completely kept and it is gruesome“, said Gunness of the UN and burst into tears during an interview with the news transmitter Al Jazeera.
UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon:  „It is a moral infamy and a criminal act. This craziness must stop“

EU President Van Rompuy: „Stop this! Israel has a right on self-defence, however, this  must be measured.“
Foreign-Minister Steinmeier, Germany: „The Status Quo of the bolted coastal stripe is not acceptable. There must be an opening of the border crossing under international supervision.“

Obama said: Stop this.


The air raids go on.



Dear Israel,

you lost your path. You are wrong.
To be wrong does not mean to be the bad guy. You are just doing wrong. God did not say: I will not allow you to make mistakes. He said:  I trust on you, that you will come back to your home and I am giving you a gift that will help you on your way. You can always rethink. Get into your heart and rethink. Think thoughts which free you and do not think thoughts which incarcerate you.  Let go all those thoughts which cause pain and decide to let peace come into your heart, and therefore into Israel-Palestine.
Just by turning around the truth, it does not mean, that the truth is not anylonger true. You cannot lock up people  into a „ghetto“ like Gaza or into those refugee camps. And ups, yes, suddenly a little rocket of the Hamas  is reminding you on that human right violation against them.
What do you expect them to do? Shall they keep silent another twenty years?
Meanwhile each of you continue do use five time more water than one Palestinian is allowed to use.
Meanwhile you are playing tennis and enjoying beach parties  on your coast?
Meanwhile your youth is studying in America and is coming back with three Bachelors?
The truth is a door which is always open. You cannot  lock the door of the truth.
You created Ashes of dead.
Create now the „Wings of Phoenix“. With every unhappy thought, God gives only one answer: We can consider it any time differently.
 It`s about sharing and giving equal rights and acces to  resources to the Citizens of Palestine,  you  use natural. It s about giving them
back their freedom.

Nelson Mandela

For some years I was living  in South Africa. I was lucky to meet Nelson Mandela  and all those men who spent years with him together in prison. I was lucky to listen to the victims of apartheid who became the  real heroes to me. They all experienced the worst of the worse, we just cannot think of.
They said to me:  „We have to forgive for the sake of the future of our children.“
Mandela did know what was needed at those time of years. He as well as Archbishop Tutu were saying again and again:“We have to forgive, not because of the perpetrators but because of our self-respect, we get back by doing so.“
I very much wish to the Palestinians that they will have the strength to forgive you, Israel.
Mandela had the courage to make unpopular decisions for the sake of the peace for all people of one nation.
I wished Mandela would be still alive and would be able to help you out, Mister Netanjahu. Obviously, you  missed out what would have been needed now, actually what would have been needed many years ago.
You might still  think it is under your control, this all? As we see, nothing is under control.
This tragedy is one of the weakest action you ever could have shown up with.
The outcome:  more hatress in this world – not only in Palestine.
The outcome:  a lot of  traumatized people –  at least for the next twenty years.
It will bring you the opposite of what you do long  for:  more insecurity instead of Safety.
Even after Apartheid I heard „Whites“ saying: „Look at those kaffers what kind of they are..“  (Apartheid rhetoric) They showed with their finger onto them, whenever violence was going on in a township or even in town. They didn`t understand that it s been the environment they created for them which caused that violence. No future, no education, no income, millions living in a very small place as third class people, no access at all to the sea side, ecetera, ecetera, ignored by the white government.  There were people who have never seen the ocean in their life. South Africa is surrounded by oceans.
Millions of people were marginalized on all social levels.  Short after Apartheid townships felt like „ticking time bombs“.
It has been Mandela who sent out PEACE.
Since years burnt the fuse inside, but you guys  in Israel still think  is just a matter of controlling, of building walls and houses, of showing up power and telling the world: It is just an answer to.. As we do see in a very bloody way, it is not just a matter of controlling. And it is also not just an answer to….
Life of Palestinians : Restrictions, permits, controlling til into their sleeping rooms, discrimination, under suspicion, chicanery instead of sharing what God has given to you, the ’selected people‘ of God.
Do you think, God would have wanted ýou to  kill and traumatize  innocent children?
Do you think God promised you a land of milk and honey because you should discriminate people in that ‚holy land‘?I cannot see milk and honey but only blood.
What is your plan for the future?  Do you want to kill all islamic people?
Calling out the Third World War?
Do you want to destroy the Hamas, you feeded once? What will follow afterwards?
Experts say, you than will have to expect a much more radical group.
We do create enemies, we make out of other people underclass-people, we say they do not have a soul. We could bring peace to the people by having  a wide consciousness, if we just would see only through our heart
You could  have become  the  land of milk and honey just by sharing and showing respect to Palestinians,  instead of  locking them up and discriminate them.
You could have become a great Prime Minister  by building schools and training centers, by creating jobs, by building enterprises for Palestinians,  instead of using 225 Million Dollar for a rocket-protection system  – sponsored by America.
Three days ago an article was published in the ZEIT ONLINE. A man from Israel was writing: “ They get what they seeded. They could have become the Singapur of the Middle East but they spent the money not on schools but on fighing,,,“
As you do, dear Israel. As you do.
Well, we all get what we do seed –  sooner or later. This life – next life, who knows.?
There are seven universal laws we  actually should learn in the first class of school. Knowing them would help us to get a different understanding of what our thoughts and  acting is about when we create our realities.

Pupils  in Tibet are meditating

Children in Tibet learn to meditate at school. The Dalai Lama once said:
It would need only one generation, then we would live in peace on earth.
What a perspective! If every child would meditate on a regulary basis, we would change this world
As long as we do not find  peace within ourselve, we will not find peace outside. This is another universal law.
Inside-Outside. What we think/feel, we create outside.
 Love is the way.
Love is stronger than steel. I am not talking about the soft version of Ego and fullfilling my needs. I am talking about the biggest force of the universe.
Love which frees one from a consciousness of being a victim.
Love as a big clearing power.
Love which destroys past and what is not needed anylonger, so that new things and thoughts can come up.
Love which sends out words that sinks down into ones heart.

You can choose between the path of Love  or the path of  more hatress, more desperation, more frustration, more fear and more insecurity for yourself and for the Palestinians, who are not the Hamas.

Apparently the  last thing you will get by bombing and killing  people and continuing to lock them up  is what you  long for: Safety.

Love is stronger than fear.

Open Gaza. Give those people their freedom back.


May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on, dear Israel.


4 Kommentare zu “Let us work together for peace

  1. arabella50 sagt:

    Guten Morgen, liebe Martina. Hier fehlt mir an manchen Stellen etwas.
    Das liegt nicht an dir, sondern an meinem Englisch.

    • martinakunze sagt:

      Guten Morgen,

      ja, ja, schreibe eigentlich auch in Deutsch – aber diese Meldung geht auch zu Leuten nach Israel..es ist immerhin Englisch und nicht Hebräisch..hahahahha,musste heute sein….sorry..morgen gehts in Deutsch weiter…:)

  2. magguieme sagt:

    Für das „Dear Israel“.
    Für “We have to forgive for the sake of the future of our children.”
    Für PEACE in Großbuchstaben.

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